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Meiki Three Sisters - Mature

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From the creator of the popular Meiki Kourin hip comes a series of hand masturbators called Meiki Three Sisters. The masturbators are named Virgin, Mature and Nymphomania. Each onahole of this series offers a realistic 3D anatomic inner structure and horny vagina and vulvar designs. This masturbator comes with 100 ml free water based lubricant. It has a very viscid texture and a soft Aloe vera fragrance. Of course it is kind to the skin and hygienic. 

  • medium size 
  • non perforated
  • 3D tunnels
  • non sticky
  • almost odorless
  • weight 6500g
  • length: approx 170mm 
  • Max diameter: 95 mm
  • Min diameter: 75 mm