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Meiki Cherry Evolution Onahole

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Meiki Cherry Evolution Onahole Four years after the introduction of the original Meiki Cherry, Meiki is proud to announce the updated versions of one of their most popular masturbators. Meiki Cherry Evolution combines everything our customers requested. Beautifully reworked from scratch The original Meiki Cherry that was released back in 2010 quickly became a big hit internationally. Even though consumers' reaction had been great, there has always been room for improvement. With Meiki Cherry Evolution, Meiki gathered all this feedback and created a completely new product from scratch.Easy cleaning & maximum suction It can be cumbersome to clean these big hip replicas after usage. That is why we built two outlets so you can just rinse the inner tunnels with water. While this is not the first time a hip replica features these outlets, it is the first with specially created caps that allow you to close these two openings. This ensures the best possible vacuum and maximum suction!Vagina and anal tunnel with organic inner structure Like the original Meiki Cherry, the new version also features a vaginal and an anal tunnel. Thanks to the organic inner structure, these two tunnels feel even more realistic. Insert yourself into these grottos of pleasure and experience for yourself how a modern adult toy can push you to the limits!Dual layer construction While usual masturbators are made from one material, the dual layer construction makes it possible to use a soft and smooth material for the surface that feels like real skin, while the material used for the inner structure can be sticky and firm. Such a separation creates even more realistic haptics for kinaesthesia and a deep sensation while inserted.  

  • Super soft 
  • Little fragrant 
  • Easy cleaning & maximum suction  
  • Vagina and anal tunnel with organic inner structure
  • Double complex structured holes 
  • UPC: 4260342860427 

    Imported from Germany